Ashley Sage – AB Sciex

  • Ashley Sage PhD is Sr. Manager for the EMEA Food & Environmental Business at SCIEX. Ashley has over 20 years of technical and commercial experience in the analytical science industry, primarily focussed on the life science sector As a global leader on mass spectrometry technologies, SCIEX continues to develop innovative solutions to ensure food safety and food quality and Ashley manages the technical and commercial development of the products & solutions.

    Topic: “Food Fraud Prevention”

    Following the melamine in milk scandal in 2008, and the recent horsemeat in the food chain problem in 2013, food safety and authenticity continues to be a concerning global issue. The recent Elliott review into the integrity and assurance of food supply networks highlights the fact that more testing of food needs to be done to reduce the future chances of food fraud cases. In this presentation, solutions using mass spectrometry will be presented that will highlight the capability of such technology to compliment or even replace traditional testing platforms to improve analytical throughput, specificity and this provide high confidence in results for food safety and authenticity applications.