Alistan Munroe – Founder & Creative Director, Munroes

  • Speaker Bio:

    With a modern sensibility Munroes create maximum flavour in a minimal package. Tradition, exploration and innovation are at the heart of what we do,
    inspiring us to discover new ways of expressing the Jamaican culinary tradition.  Collaborating with fellow innovators we create new and exciting taste experiences
    and add to the possibilities of Jamaican cuisine.

    A constant adventure, the focus is always on the flavor and with responsibility to our heritage we confidently
    add our interpretation to the story of Jamaican flavour, collaborating with Teeling Whiskey + Orpen Cider.


    Brought up in England, with memories full of the aromas and flavours of his Jamaican gran’s cooking, Alistan Munroe is connected to a rich culinary legacy that inspired him to set up Munroes in 2013.

    Arriving in London from Morant Bay, Jamaica in the 1950’s, Alistans’ grandparents brought with them recipes that have as much history as they have flavour.

    Connecting Munroes to the very root of Jamaican food culture, (the Munroe family come from the same parish as the mighty Maroons, who are believed to have created what we know today as Jerk).


    Alistan Munroe has over twenty experience in brand design + advertising.

    Clients Includes:

    Aryzta – (Cuisine De France)
    Diageo – (Baileys & Guinness)
    Delice De France UK
    Douglas Newman Good
    Aer Lingus

    Presentation Title:

    Minimal Eco Packaging + Simple / Clean Design.