Arun Kapil – Founder & MD, Green Saffron Spices

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    Spice expert, Arun Kapil is the founder of award-winning spice company Green Saffron and the author of the cookbook, Fresh Spice.

    Arun is from Midleton in County Cork by way of Lincolnshire and Uttar Pradesh. Born to a Yorkshire mother and Hindustani father, Arun grew up under a fusion of flavours with classic British dishes from his mother and exciting, exotic spices from his father. Growing up, it was all about food and the appreciation of good simple ingredients. Arun went on to hone his cooking skills in London kitchens and Darina Allen’s prestigious Ballymaloe Cookery School before going on to work as a chef at Ballymaloe House for two years.

    Yearning for the nostalgic flavours that filled his childhood, Arun developed the idea for a premium spice company to bring those aromas into kitchens across Ireland, the UK and now France. Green Saffron was born in 2007, from a Farmers Market stall in county Cork, with help from his Irish wife, Olive, armed with a coffee grinder, some brown paper bags and a couple of coloured pens.

    Green Saffron scours India for highest grade spices with the help of Arun’s relatives in Moradabad. It sources freshest, new seasons crop from small-scale farmers with green cardamom from Southern India, cloves from Kerala, fennel from Rajasthan and special varietals from bigger, larger scale operations in Gujarat. The spices are shipped into the Port of Cork where they are supplied to UK, Irish and French top chefs and restaurants as well as customers seeking flavour, depth and colour in their home cooking.

    Arun has gone on to appear regularly on Ireland’s most popular television daytime show, RTE1’s Today Show and UK’s, Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. He has also featured alongside food personalities such as Richard Corrigan, Rachel Allen and Paul Hollywood on Channel 4, BBC1 and BBC Radio 4 shows including The Food Programme. In 2014, Arun’s first cookbook, Fresh Spice, was published by Pavilion with co-edition in the US. Sharing his unparalleled knowledge of fresh, fragrant spices he ignites classic dishes from across the globe. The following year saw the launch of his Spice Kits for budding home cooks.

    Arun’s intimate knowledge of spices and flavour perception gives his food a joyous modern edge. His cooking, as with his presenting has an easy uncomplicated style that he continues to share via collaborations with top chefs, hosting pop-up events and kitchen takeovers from London to Paris.

    Energy, enthusiasm and knowledge course through Arun’s core; the future is all ahead of this man. Between filming his own TV show with RTE, teaming up with world renowned food scientists to develop tasty products with proven spiced benefits, building a processing unit in Gujarat and an Innovation Centre, Spice HQ in Midleton, it’s going to be a busy one at that.

    Presentation Title:

    A Spice Odyssey – India to Cork via Lincolnshire

    Presentation Synopsis:

    A lively talk describing the birth of brand Green Saffron, from Farmers Market to Supermarket to Hypermarket. The beginnings of a new spice company and its ambition to become to global player. Arun will talk of his journey – a road to (spice) redemption) – from London’s music scene to arriving in Ireland, setting up a spice company, forming a brand and living in the SME space with sights firmly fixed on the future.