Vada Pow Ltd

This beloved comfort food travels from the streets of Bombay (now Mumbai) to Dublin. It’s a lightly spiced potato patty made using quality spuds. With new trends and changing eating habits we thought to bring street style food to the dinner table. So choosing the food was not that hard especially introducing it in Ireland, a country which loves potatoes. So we are producers of frozen potato-based patties and sauces. They are eaten as terrific flavoursome bites, burgers or as a part of a meal with family.

The Vada Pow brand is built around the idea of taking a regional favourite global, much like falafel and burgers.  This opened up a host of conceptualization possibilities, including our final direction of using the boxing play on “Pow” (The punch of flavours).
International Influence: Portuguese contribution – During their brief time in India (1534-1661) the Portuguese brought with them the art of making bread which was called pao in Portuguese, pronounced with a nasal twang. Before this people made only unleavened bread varieties like rotis and chapatis. The craziest story about the origin of the word pav is that it was so named because the dough was kneaded using the feet (paon in Hindi) — and not the hands — to speed up the work and keep pace with the demand! Street vendors soon began to use the pao as burger buns for their flavoursome potato patties, and Vada Pav continues to be an iconic Bombay street food to this day.
Director- Naveen Bachani, Vada Pow Ltd (