TARCZYŃSKI Group is a leading entity operating in the market of meat products production in Poland, with many years of experience in the meat processing sector.
TARCZYŃSKI Group’s business model focuses on the processing of pork and poultry, and the sales and distribution of meat and cold meat products manufactured under the brands TARCZYŃSKI and DOBROSŁAWA to retail stores, wholesalers, and retail chains. Unlike many other companies in the industry, the Group does not breed pigs for one’s own purposes nor slaughter them. The Group manufactures about 500 meat and cold meat products. The most recognisable products of the Group include Kabanos Extra and Exclusive Kabanos, Fillet Cold Meats, and Cold Meats from a Cauldron. The premium product segment is the strategic business area of the Group. At the same time, in response to the changing culinary tastes and ways of life of Poles, TARCZYŃSKI Group, within each of the offered brands, systematically introduces to its portfolio new product lines, such as the “Flavours of the World” and the “Geesowska Cold Meats”, practical packaging, and different piece weights of its products. The sale of the Group’s products is performed both in the traditional and modern channel. The Group’s products are known and appreciated not only in Poland, but also in many countries of the world.
The TARCZYŃSKI Group has three production plants. The main facility, located in Ujeździec Mały, is one of the most modern production facilities of meat products in Europe. Moreover, the Group has also two other production plants: in Sława and Bielsko-Biała.
Due to the modern machine park, the Group can guarantee high quality products and an innovative product offer. The solutions applied at the Group allow us to work in harmony with all major approvals and certifications of quality, including the ones concerning environmental protection.

Contact details:
TARCZYŃSKI S.A. Ujeździec Mały 80, 55 – 100 Trzebnica tel/fax: (071) 312 12 83

Wojciech Milos – Senior Export Manager