QCL Scientific

QCL supply in-line and laboratory analysers for monitoring multiple parameters in food and beverage products, improving product processing and quality control. We specialise in applying advanced technology to improve product quality and reduce costs through enhanced analytical processes. We provide the best analytical solutions backed by comprehensive technical and application support.
Our products include the revolutionary OPTIQUAD which uses four optical methods to provide continuous, highly accurate measurement of fats, oils, dairy products and wastewater. Precise process control is possible as deviations are detected within a few seconds and no time is wasted with traditional sampling and laboratory analysis.
We also supply the BeerLab which measures bitterness, colour, alcohol and many other parameters in beer and performs multiple tests on water. Specifically designed to monitor the brewing process and ensure consistent quality control in breweries, the BeerLab is simple to use, requires no calibration or maintenance and uses low toxicity reagents.
In the same product range is the FoodLab which delivers fast, accurate results for PV, FFA and p-Anisidine value in fats and oils and can test the oxidation state of fats in finished products to assess raw material quality and shelf life.