Frilli SRL

FRILLI srl is a company specialising in the design and construction of new distilleries and expansion and optimisation of current distilleries using its know-how, experience and technology. Founded by Frilli Brother’s in 1912 in Poggibonsi, Frilli is now based in Monteriggioni, in the centre of Chianti region, between Florence and Siena. Since 1914 the company started the manufacturing of the first industrial still made of copper with avant-garde technologies for that period. Year after year the company grows beginning in the sixties the export to other European countries especially France and Spain then Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, Middle east, Est European and
ex-soviet Union countries. Our previous and current experience in upstream processing gave us the possibility to test and grows our knowhow and technology continually developing and balancing quality with price, assisting our clients to establishing their position in the market place at the highest international level. Following the company philosophy and engineering approach, our designs and manufacturing are all in-house and bespoke because distillation plants is are our sole business. From engineering supply, feasibility study going through from homemade production, trough R&D pilot plant, arriving to turnkey supplied plants. We work with any kind of feedstock, as wine by-products, molasses, fruits, wheat, maize, barley to obtain or Bio-fuel, Extra Neutral Alcohol and any other kind of Distillate. Nowadays Frilli products and engineering service range covers all the various distillery processes, batch or continuous, from raw material in take through all the necessary steps to reach alcohol production concluding in Waste Water Treatment plant.