One of the biggest problems in the Food Sector is the elimination of harmful bacteria and viruses from the air and from preparation surfaces.
The problem exists in restaurant kitchens, food production areas, food processing facilities, growing houses, transportation vehicles etc. and in this sector the focus is on bacteria such as listeria and e-coli which can cause severe illness or even death if allowed to enter the food chain.
In the Healthcare sector similar problems exist with MRSA, Clostridium Difficile and variations of human influenza all of which are expensive to treat and any of which can result in the closure of Hospital Wards.
In both sectors, the bacteria and viruses circulate on surfaces and in the air and until now, existing technologies have been limited in what they can offer. Even with regular surface cleaning using disinfectants the removal of pathogens (Bacteria and Viruses) is time consuming, disruptive to business, expensive to address and is rarely achieved effectively.
Envirion, the newest Noel Group Company, has been established to deliver its portfolio of 21st. century technologies to each of these sectors to address these perennial problems in a cost effective and efficient manner.
Our rapid and touchless disinfection and our environmentally safe and chlorine free technologies can reduce pathogens from food and food preparation surfaces with greater than 99% efficiency while significantly extending product shelf life.
We offer a wide range of services from deep cleaning to bed bug, cockroach and fruit fly control and our continuous, touchless technologies address surface and airborne moulds, viruses, bacteria, fungi and many others.