EireChrom has grown rapidly to become Ireland’s market leader in the highly specialized area of Mass Spectrometry – an advanced separations science technique that has both quantitative and qualitative uses within the Chemical Analysis and Life Science sectors.

Food Quality and Safety Solutions:

Access to safe food and beverages is fundamental for all human life. Farmers, suppliers, food testing labs, manufacturers, regulators, and consumers are all worried about potential food and beverage contamination. But how can you test for food and beverage contamination and quality?

As channel partners for SCIEX, their technology innovations deliver solutions to empower food scientists, producers, regulators, & technologists to test and protect our global food and beverage supply.

  • Antibiotic Testing
  • Chemical Adulterant Analysis
  • Food Allergens
  • Food Fraud Analysis
  • Ingredient Analysis
  • Mycotoxin & Natural Toxin Testing
  • Packaging & Food Contact Substance Analysis
  • Pesticide Testing
  • Unknown Contaminant Screening
  • Vitamin Nutritional Analysis