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National Employer Support Services

Future Employees

Intreo Employer Support Services provides a wide range of supports and

services to assist with your employment needs,

designed to make sure that your company can

access potential employees.


Our range of services are provided at no cost to your

company, and you can choose from:

  • Employment support and advice on a National and

European level, giving you access to skilled, job

ready candidates.

  • Advice and access to any employment initiatives of

relevance to your company.

  • Workplace supports to assist employees with


  • Financial supports when creating new jobs,

minimising the cash flow demands for your company.


Employment Supports

and Services


Skilled Job-Ready Candidates at Your Fingertips

The Jobs Ireland employment service is an excellent

support resource when your company is recruiting – both

now and in the future. Jobs Ireland gives you access to

Job-ready candidates.


We offer a number of avenues to help you find the

optimum candidate. Your vacancy can be advertised on

Our website; on our candidate-friendly Jobseeker App

and through our nationwide network of offices.

If you wish to broaden the search outside of Ireland,

your job opportunity can also be sent to any or all Public

Employment Services within the EEA Member States

and Switzerland.


A Tailored Approach to Specialised Requirements

If you need support with a large-scale recruitment

campaign or are seeking employees with specialist

skills or experience – we’ll be pleased to offer a tailored

service that reflects your company’s particular needs.

Whether you need support at national level or wish to

broaden the search to Europe.