Certification Europe

Founded in 1999, Certification Europe is an accredited certification body which provides International Organization for Standardization (ISO) management system certification and other management standards to organisations globally. We also provide a variety of inspection services to clients throughout Ireland.

We perform more than eight thousand assessments on an annual basis across our client community, which includes micro-enterprises as well as multinationals, Government Departments and State Bodies.

With headquarters located in Dublin (Republic of Ireland), we have local offices in the United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey and Japan.

Certification and Training Services

The certification process of management systems according to international standards is our Company’s core business.

We can certify organisations to international standard related to Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001), Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001), Energy (ISO 50001), Sustainable Event Management (ISO 20121), Business Continuity (ISO 22301), IT Service (ISO 20000) and Information Security Management (ISO 27001), Anti-bribery Management (BS 10500).

Our aim is at providing companies and the public sector with a consistently increasing range of standards, and a top level expertise and advise, across the various stages of the certification process.

To support the awareness of that process, we also offer specific training schemes to guide organisations staff members towards ISO standards implementation within their company, via both public and tailored in-house programmes.


We provide a range of inspection services to clients throughout Ireland and Europe. We are employed by private bodies, the Government and Local Authorities to carry out these inspections.

Within the inspection field we provide:

  • VOC verification services
  • Extended industry inspections to appraise their compliance to Solvent Regulations
  • Aassessments under the Compost Quality Assurance Scheme (CQAS), which certify organisations to a sustainable strategy of biodegradable waste management.

We can also avail of two Units of Environmental Specialists which are currently operating to advice the Dublin City Council on trans-frontier shipment of waste at national level (TFSEU), and to ensure the compliance with waste management regulations at regional level within the borders of Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council (RWEU).

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