Calor Gas

Calor – Providing cleaner, efficient energy solutions to the Irish Food Sector

Calor Gas is a very versatile, portable and manageable fuel which is easily stored in cylinders or in on-site storage tanks at customers’ premises, and can be delivered to any location in Ireland. As such it can provide the energy to power a wide range of applications for the food sector, from small artisan producers to agriculture businesses to large manufacturing and production plants.

As it produces far lower carbon emissions than oil, coal, peat and even electricity, it is one of the cleanest conventional fuels available. For businesses which are pro-actively aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, a switch from oil to LPG can have a huge impact.

Companies can make the switch to Calor easily, and in many cases by a straightforward conversion of existing equipment. In the case of water heating, there are various highly efficient options such as direct-fired and also instantaneous water heaters which ensure that an ample supply of hot water is available as needed.

As the leading provider of LPG to the Irish market, Calor understands that businesses are looking for the most economical and efficient energy solution available. Calor LPG offers significant advantages for businesses in the food sector due to its cleaner burning and environmentally sustainable credentials.

Calor’s energy advisors can tailor energy solutions for business to help reduce energy costs over the long term and positively impact on carbon footprint. For further information or to speak to a Calor Energy advisor contact Calor on 1850 812 450 or visit