Aluline Group

Aluline Ltd is an international company dedicated to Sustainable Urban Development and the Environment. From inception, the group has focused its efforts on providing environmentally sound solutions posed by the commercial food and hospitality sector drainage.


Aluline Ltd offers natural eco-friendly solutions in the form of cutting edge biotechnology and ‘Waste Removal at Source’ equipment designed to reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of waste created by the commercial food industry.

The company provides equipment to remove wet waste (i.e. Food Oil and Grease, or FOG) to prevent the accumulation of these waste products in drainage systems, sewers and treatment plants. Aluline has many solutions; with recent developments we now offer a complete programme to drainage management in premises and arrangements to cover all maintenance aspects. Our help desk can ensure speedy resolution to any problems encountered.

The Aluline Group is ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accredited. Our company policy of continuous development has resulted in the introduction of many new ideas. Through total quality management and the use of best design we aid our customers in playing their part in protecting and sustaining our land and water resources for future generations to enjoy.